Welcome to White Lake NC! Thousands of families visit White Lake every summer and they ask the same questions. What, besides the lake is there to do? WhiteLakeNCMotels will answer that question and offer coupons and discounts so families can more easily decide what to do next.

wl vacation guide boxshot

Hi! I’m Eric Moore. I live in Winston Salem, North Carolina and I vacation in White Lake North Carolina.

As a fan of this fabulous family vacation spot, I’ve created an online directory so visitors can maximize their time here, as well as have a resource for necessities like auto repair, healthcare, and groceries, as well as gift stores, attractions and lodging.

So, print off a copy prior to your visit so you have the answers at your fingertips. Enjoy your stay in White Lake North Carolina, the World’s Family Beach Ever!

Are you a business wanting to advertise in the online or print version of WhiteLakeNCMotels.com? Contact me at 336-749-7466 today!


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